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Adam Victor Klassen. 

Animation. Technical. Direction.

From starting a new animation pipeline to client delivery, I can provide a wide range of 2D animation solutions.

With over 10 years of professional experience in 2D animated TV and movies I have a track record of quality content. 

I had the great privilege to be a technical director on the new Cartoon Saloon film The Breadwinner.

I was a lead on Nickelodeons Pig Goat Banana Cricket, managing the layout, BG paint, rigging and scene setup departments for Guru studios on episodes Steakbus and Where do pickles come from.

I had the opportunity to be the animation director and technical director for Guru studio on Nickelodeons Shimmer and Shine.

Let my know how I can help you achieve your animated visions. 


Asset supervisor


Guru Studio 2019 – Present

I am currently supervising the rigging and scene planning departments on the Guru original PikWik.



I had the pleasure of animating on this super cute singalong. Winner of the 2020 Kidscreen Award for Best Digital Preschool Web / App Series

Technical Director / Render Wrangler Asset supervisor Animator

The Breadwinner

Guru Studio 2016 -2017

Technical director and render wrangler for the academy award nominated feature film the Breadwinner from Cartoon Saloon. Winner of the 2018 Annie awards for best picture.

Layout  and BG paint supervisor / Scene setup supervisor / Asset supervisor / Animator

Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Apr 2016 – Jul 2016


Being the Layout / BG paint Supervisor / Asset Supervisor / Animator for Nickelodeon's Pig Goat Banana Cricket was an amazing experience, I really love the look and humor of this show and I am proud to have put my mark on it. And I was lucky enough to have time to animate some really fun scenes.

Some of my responsibilities on the show were:
Supervising initial asset vetting documents.
Supervising layout and BG paint departments.
Setting up the assets into the production pipeline for rigging.
Supervising the scene setup department.
Animating character transformation scenes

Animation Supervisor

Shimmer and Shine

Feb 2015 – Dec 2015


As animation director I am the go to for anything animation related.
First I review the boards to determine what will be needed from the rigging and design department for the episode. Test and trouble shoot the shows elements before they hit the floor. Assigning the work to the animation team, reviewing the work and giving notes to the animation team. On floor assistance to the team, troubleshooting any problems that arise technical or artistic. I review the final episode and revise/delegate any problems to ensure that the episodes are all clean and tidy for delivery to client. And last but not least I make sure everyone on the team is happy, healthy and having fun.


Technical Director

Shimmer and Shine

Jun 2014 – Feb 2015

Problem solve on floor technical issues across all departments of production

Render Supervisor

Ever After High

Feb 2013 – Jun 2014


Render Wrangle Supervisor: Provided render passes for the composite department, Adjust Rigs to conform to rendering specifications.
Post production quality assurance: I review the episode and find any inconsistencies and mistakes from BG department through to final animation.
Animation Revision Artist: Adjust animation as to the request of the client or Director(s),Specializing in Technical revisions in Toon Boom Harmony.



9 Story Entertainment Inc.

Mar 2012 – Oct 2012

Wild Kratts
In house projects

Edit position animator


Animation supervisor

Big Soul productions

2009 – Aug 2009


working in ToonBoom Digital Pro animating

animation supervisor



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